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I will check for Contact Forms at least daily. Know that I am a working veterinarian only two days a week, but always a business owner. Filling in for an ill veterinarian or being on call for a Tiger and Lion sanctuary (yes, really) only rarely causes a “paws” in availability.

I’m willing and happy to give a Voice to your project, training video, phone system, novel, advertisement, station ID, intro, outro, game character, explainer, and impression- and character-driven project.

Coming Soon… Social Connections

Naturally baritone, I can go even deeper for gritty, “hard rock station” sound, or softer and higher for a “happy Midwest male” advertisement.
My career so far has tens of thousands of hours of “neutral informative” and “wry educational” salesmanship and persuasion.
I can also Voice an enormous range of impressions and characters (easily in the hundreds) for almost any need.

Your enthusiastic 5-star review, coming soon, right here.

Al Fiction